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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a caring, nurturing environment that respects individuality, encourages learning and develops strong connections with families.


Flamingo Three year Old Kindergarten strives to provide a caring, nurturing environment that respects and values the needs of the children, the families, the educators and the community.  

Within our philosophy we have five essential elements.

  • The holistic child
  • The role of the family
  • The role of the educator
  • The environment and program
  • The community

The holistic child

At Flamingo Three Year Old Kindergarten we believe each child is valuable and should be treated as an individual. Children have individual needs and as such they will learn and mature in different ways.  We acknowledge and respect each child’s individuality and the dignity and the rights of every child is maintained at all times.

We believe that all children are inquisitive, enthusiastic and capable learners who are active contributors to their own learning. Children learn within a play-based curriculum with open ended experiences and intentional teaching.  We provide children with opportunities to learn and develop through play, routines and social interactions.

We believe children develop confidence and positive self-esteem through a supportive and secure environment.   We promote each child’s confidence and positive self-image through a range of experiences and opportunities that build upon their relationships, understandings, skills, values and promote success.  

We value children’s ideas and interests and create an environment that supports and nurtures them to grow, learn and develop. Children participate in the development of the program through conversations based on their individual interests and needs.

The role of the family

A child’s family is the main source of their education; providing nurture, encouraging development, providing play opportunities and supporting children through all experiences.  Families are experts without degrees and we see our role in the lives of children as encouraging and supporting families as best we can.  We see our service as an extension of the family and we endeavour to build on the steps of learning that have begun and continue within a child’s family.

Trust, respect and collaboration form the basis for strong partnerships between families and as educators we recognise the importance of open and honest communication.  We strive to have empathy, provide support and be responsive to family’s needs as required.

We encourage families to be active participants in their child’s learning and in the development of the centre and its programs. Families are also encouraged to participate in documenting their own child’s learning and to provide feedback to educators about their child. 

We value the equality and diversity of all families and their different cultural practices.  Families values and beliefs are acknowledged and incorporated into the program. Families are encouraged to share their cultures and communities enabling them to develop a sense of belonging to the environment through participation and involvement.

The role of the educator

At Flamingo Three Year Old Kindergarten educators are committed to working for the best interests of children and families.  Each educator brings personal qualities to the centre environment such as warmth, empathy, respect and a passion for early childhood education.  

We strive to make our kindergarten environment a friendly, welcoming place for all, where friendships can be made and both children and families feel comfortable and part of our kindergarten community.  We aim to develop positive relationships, act as role models and work cohesively with children, families and management.

To support children’s learning educators observe, document and reflect on a daily basis. Educators provide experiences, routines and activities that meet the child’s needs, strengths and interests in order to challenge and extend their learning and development.

As educators we are committed to enhancing our own professional development and staying current with our training.  A wide range of professional development opportunities are provided and we attend information sessions, first aid training & program development sessions regularly throughout the year.

Educators are recognised as our most valuable resource and we will continue to provide them with a safe and comfortable working environment.

The environment and program

We strive to provide a supportive, nurturing, friendly and respectful environment where children and families can feel welcome, confident and secure.  Where children feel safe to continually develop their skills, learn and experiment with new concepts and further extend their thinking.

Our physical environment, both indoor and outdoor, is constantly altering to cater for the ever changing abilities of the children.  We reflect the children’s current interests and stages of development as well as creating environments that provide children with opportunities for exploration whilst encouraging them to discover and become aware of their natural surroundings and their world around them.  We provide a program that is environmentally responsible and encourage children to take an active role in caring for the environment and contributing to a sustainable future. 

We provide a balance of child and adult initiated experiences within a play based environment which encourages exploration and discovery, community and communication, identity and wellbeing, and allows children to develop their learning at their own pace.

By using a child centred, play based program each child’s individual strengths are developed.  We strive to implement a flexible, engaging program that provides for different learning styles, that all children can participate in and caters for the individual needs of children as well as the whole group.

We believe that documentation is a valuable part of children’s learning and development and involves using a variety of methods of collecting information. 

Our program is based upon the principles outlined in the National Early Years Learning Framework – ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’ and the National Quality Standards.

The community

At Flamingo Three Year Old Kindergarten we strive to be a service of excellence for early childhood education within our community while ensuring we operate within the guidelines set down by governing and professional bodies.

Connections are made with other professionals locally, to strengthen our community network.  We liaise with professionals in other children’s services, sharing our knowledge and experience, to achieve the best outcomes and support for our children and families.

We are a central link to information and support services within the wider community.

We value the importance of establishing relationships with community organisations, council and other local early childhood services and utilise these services in an effective and meaningful way. 

The Programme

To help us in implementing our programme we incorporate the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (which will become part of the National Quality Standard in 2012).  This framework guides our programme planning for all children. Through this our programme aims to help children develop a strong sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming.  The framework identifies five specific learning outcomes that will strengthen each child’s ability to develop this sense.  The learning outcomes are;

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity.
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
  3. Children have a strong sense of well being.
  4. Children are confident and involved learners.
  5. Children are effective communicators.

Through constant observation, planning and reflection our programme aims to provide fun, relevant and challenging learning experiences for all children.

Our Vision For The Future

Early childhood is an ever evolving field and as such we will endeavour to;

  • Stay current with the practices that apply to early childhood education.
  • Have our staff challenge their current practices to make sure they are offering the best possible programmes for all children.
  • Make sure our environment and surroundings will be ever changing to reflect current trends in the field of early childhood.
  • Be proactive in making the community aware of the value of three year old kindergarten.

Our Teachers

Leanne, our Kinder Teacher and Educational Leader, holds a Diploma of Teaching - Early Childhood, and a Bachelor of Educational Studies. She has taught in a number of different preschools as a Director. Leanne has taught both 3 & 4 year olds, and has previously worked as an additional assistant with children who have additional needs. This is Leanne's 22nd year of teaching at Flamingo Three Year Old Kindergarten. 

Wendy, our Co-educator, has a Certificate 3 and Diploma in Children's Services as well as a Certificate Of Education (Additional Assistant). She is now in her seventh year as a Co-educator at Flamingo Three Year Old Kindergarten.